I have done so much for you. I have sacrificed so much for you. I have done everything I could in my might to keep you happy, yet you continue to disrespect me when you fucking know I have anxiety and trust issues with your ass. That’s not even the biggest thing I’ve done for you. I have forgiven your ass for the stupidest shit you have done to me. Sad to say, but I will bring this up again. I’ve forgiven you so many fucking times and you still do your shit. Maybe it is time for me to drop you. That’s cute you take advantage, but that advantage has a limit on me and it’s pretty soon.

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Cause this SUS nigguh celebrated my birthday with me. I love him if he wasn’t so gay. 😂 #selfiefordays (at Disneyland)

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Lobster nachos for that ass 🙌 #covebar #disneyland (at Cove Bar)

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Finally got our drinks at the Cove Bar 😏 #secretdrinks 👌😁 (at Cove Bar)

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Kiss her inner thighs & she’ll be all over you 

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Look at these animals being complete jerks!


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